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from Ralph L. Wales, Head of School

Welcome to Gordon School! 

Our central belief is that the most crucial years in a child’s education are at the very beginning, where a learner’s first impressions are formed. At Gordon, we pride ourselves on our capacity to capture the curiosity that defines children’s spirits. Gordon provides the necessary underpinnings that ignite critical inquiry, empower young minds, and sustain a desire to engage in the ever-broadening landscape of learning.

Our educational pedagogy is a rigorous multicultural curriculum spanning all disciplines. Our students come to understand that each academic skill has purposeful application in the world in which they live. Most importantly, Gordon students gain the capacity to understand all things from multiple perspectives. They develop a healthy intellectual skepticism and, ultimately, carry the belief that a well-framed question is perhaps more valuable than the presentation of the right answer. We want our students to see the world as it is from different points of view, to develop a strong sense of self and purpose, and to carry the ability to bring about positive change into their adult lives. 

We celebrate our finishing point, eighth grade, where our thirteen and fourteen year olds stand confidently in the maelstrom of early adolescence and solidify skills and competencies that allow them to step purposefully and energetically into high school.

We are a diverse community - intentionally so. Our students, faculty, staff, administration and Board of Trustees comprise a wide range of different races, backgrounds, and cultures. Given that children are most impressionable during their elementary and middle school years, we believe that this is the time to teach each child to value a diversity of cultures, to honor a variety of traditions and to respect the contributions of all people. 

In short, Gordon is committed to connecting children’s academic and social learning with the world beyond the classroom. It is those projects that children grasp within a meaningful context that they hold onto, shape, and apply as they grow into engaged adults. That is why we expect our youngest to explore what they wonder. That is why we require our students to apply their hands to what stirs in their minds. And that is why, in their last months on our campus, we have our eighth graders walk the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama and design and implement a plan to effectuate change in the greater Providence community before they graduate.  

I hope you will visit our twelve acre campus soon, as I believe the best way to get to know a school is to experience it in person. Please contact our Admission Office if you wish to schedule a tour. In the meantime, I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our commitment to meaningful, relevant, lasting learning and empowering young minds.

I hope to meet you in person soon at Gordon!

Ralph Wales
Head of School

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