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Music lessons

Program director:
Bill Beaudoin
above: some of the forty performers at a recent recital. Between eighty and ninety students participate in the after school music program
Gordon’s after school instrumental program is designed to expose students to the joy of learning an instrument in a convenient and supportive environment. We seek to instill a lifelong connection with musical learning, and many of our students become accomplished instrumentalists in high school, college, and beyond.

Gordon hosts a variety of after school instrumental and vocal instruction opportunities throughout the year. Students can study a variety of orchestra and folk instruments, along with voice training taught by a faculty of professional musicians and educators.

Instrumental music recitals are held twice a year, at the end of each semester, in January and May or June. All students in this program are welcome to participate.
The schedule is split into two semesters, and the fee structure is based on fourteen lessons per semester, with an additional two or three weeks left open for make-up lessons in the case of absence. This two-semester calendar is different from the three-season schedule followed by after school enrichments and athletics.
Half hour lessons are $389 per semester, forty-five minute lessons are $571 per semester.
From the program director

We monitor how students and their teachers connect throughout the year, so that we can facilitate the optimal experience for everyone. It is so important to have a good working relationship between student and teacher. When you call to arrange your child's lesson, your child's teacher will clearly go over his or her expectations. This is when you should have dialogue with the instructor to express your expectations as well. It is important for you, your child, and your instructor to understand what is required for good solid progress. Items you should discuss are things like practicing, possible rewards if you and the instructor feel that is appropriate, consistency in showing up for lessons, the importance of bringing materials needed for the lesson each week, and expectations for performances in recitals.

Students take lessons for a myriad of reasons. Our program provides opportunities for exploration, engagement, and growth for all students interested in instrumental learning.
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