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Gator Madness

Gator Madness is a Middle School, intramural basketball tournament created by and organized by Damon Ray.  Each team has representation from each grade and equal gender representation. The initial rounds of the tournament are played after school with the finals being played at the end of the day on March 9th.  If your student is participating in the Gator Madness basketball tournament please note the times for the tournament vary each day.  Please make plans to pick up your student within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the tournament or they will be signed into the YAP after school program.  Any student planning to watch the tournament should be supervised by a caretaker or should be signed into the YAP program.

Athletic Announcements

2/25: Middle school girls and boys basketball tournament at Wheeler Farm, 9am. The tournament bracket is here: Wheeler Tournament
3/7: Gator Madness middle school basketball tournament, 3:20-4:15
3/8: Gator Madness middle school basketball tournament, 3:20-4:00
3/9: Gator Madness middle school basketball tournament final, 2:45-3:15
3/27: Spring athletics begins, 3:20
3/29: Winter athletics assembly, 2:10-3:10
4/5: 8th grade vs. Gordon staff and faculty basketball game, 2:10-3:10
Basketball uniforms can be returned to Mrs. Fraza in the PE office.

Please contact Kristen Fraza at kfraza@gordonschool.org with any questions or concerns.

Baseline concussion screening

Gordon is committed to raising awareness about the seriousness of concussions. Information on concussions for both parents and players, as well as Gordon's official policy on concussions, is linked below.
Prior to the athletics season, Gordon coaches complete an online concussion training program. Throughout the season, they are provided with additional support as well as head injury protocols by the school nurse. 

This year, the athletics department also wants to encourage parents to consult their child's primary care physician about the need for a baseline concussion screening. Depending on the child's involvement in after school sports and other activities, physicians may wish to make a recommendation for screening.

Please don't hesitate to contact Kristen Fraza, Athletic Director, or the school nurse Sandy Horton with any questions.

Concussion information for athletes
Concussion information for parents

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