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A living library

Students find themselves, and their passions, in one hundred years of books
Monday, February 12, 2018
Gordon celebrated Founder's Day on Friday.

A timeline of first editions went on display in the Joukowsky Family Library.
Like the louder, and more public, Founder's Day celebrations, the timeline was a recognition of the school's history, and the way the school's values have been expressed over the years.


Each  had treasures to reveal.


The 1940s edition of The Little Prince still had the checkout card from the 1980s inside it.

Evidence suggests that Eugene Johnson, Gordon class of 1987, trustee and father of a fifth grader and a Preschool student, checked out this book twice when he was in fifth grade.


Ms. Bishop grew up to be a scholar, a historian of African-American childrens' literature, and her metaphor of "books as mirrors and books as windows" is used by Gordon second graders each year as they review picture book biographies for the Gordon School Multicultural Picture Book Award.


Edward Koren was a Gordon parent when Behind the Wheel came out.


Gordon's copy has an ornate inscription, complete with a customized school bus.


If this library is a museum, it is a living museum.


When fourth graders go off to meet a Supreme Court Justice, they stop in the library to borrow a book to show her.


On Friday, third graders smiled and pointed out their new-old-friend Nikki Grimes as the 1990s representative in the Founder's Day timeline.


And they guessed that Radiant Child's author might be the son of Stevie's author (he is!)


Eager readers have left their mark throughout the stacks.

These books have belonged to many generations.

But today's students have taken full custody of the collection.


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