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Part of something larger

Science, literacy, history and engineering surface in visual art work
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
The annual art show is spectacular.


It is about the students and their work.


But it is about the pride they take in it, too.


It is about the respect that they show for each other's work.
It is about the time that they give, and the care that they use, when they discuss what they see.
It is about students remembering when they were little.


It is about students looking forward to getting bigger.


You can see their classrooms.
You can see what they find in Gordon's outdoor space.


You can see what they saw when they put pond water in the microscope.
You can see what they're drawing on the backs of their notebooks.


You can see the hours they've spent in the science lab, observing specimens and making sketches for their lab reports.
There's a two-way street between Gordon's arts curriculum and the academic subjects.
First graders are proud of the letters in their name.


Their art teacher knows that.
Their art teacher knows they're starting to have fun with numbers, too.


So she'll show them Jasper Johns.


She'll show them Rothko in second grade, and tell them how he tried to evoke emotions with color, just like second graders do with poetry.


And so on, through the years.


Who says young children don't appreciate architecture?
Gordon's buildings can be found in work from every age group.
Years of design and engineering lessons fueled some impressively sturdy structures.


There's equally impressive engineering in some of the most delicate work.
In the art studio, Gordon students learn how to make their ideas real.


And they see that ideas can be beautiful.


They use art to make miniature worlds, self-contained and complete.


And they use art to make their own small contribution to something much bigger than themselves.

The art show will be on display in the Wales Theater, the Commons and the Lower School hallway, through Friday morning at 11:30am. more photos


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