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Many voices tell one story

Middle School collaborates on performance of novel-in-verse
Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nikki Grimes is coming to Gordon in November as the eleventh annual Karla Harry Visiting Author.

Every Middle School student read her novel-in-verse Garvey’s Choice as part of their summer reading.

They read it again yesterday, together.

Each advisory had been assigned several chapters to perform out loud at the Wednesday afternoon Middle School meeting.

Advisories made an array of choices, combining student voices in intricate ways, with light touches of staging and even costumes sprinkled in.

The variety was impressive.

But so was the unity.

Every student spoke, and the story shined through.

The pacing was brisk and the eye contact was strong.

Quiet voices took their turns without being upstaged.

The audience knew when to laugh, and when to grow still.

It was a powerful shared experience, in a Middle School that promises to be a place where everyone can belong.

Tomorrow, the Middle School will have a teach-in on Garvey’s Choice.

The regular schedule will be replaced with a series of interdisciplinary, cross-grade workshops on the issues raised by the book.

Faculty have prepared lessons that draw on music, science, social issues and poetic techniques referenced in the book.

It is one of three teach-ins scheduled for the year.

Yesterday’s performance ensured that every student had the text fresh in their minds.

It also provided every advisory with a clearly defined team project to tackle in the first days of the school year.

And, as the Middle School Director pointed out at the close of the assembly, it was a way to ensure that every student - actors and athletes, poets and scientists, extroverts and quiet thinkers - had their voices heard.


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