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Athletics details for parents

as included in the August mailing

A wide variety of interscholastic athletic opportunities are available to Middle School students as well as an instructional tennis program for all Middle School students and an instructional basketball program for fifth graders.
Who can play?

Gordon is proud to guarantee each child a place on a team. Regardless of playing experience or ability level, students are encouraged to participate.
Athletics are open to all fifth through eighth grade students, with these exceptions: 
1. Fifth graders may practice, but cannot compete in league games or meets, in cross country, and track and field as dictated by RIPCOA rules. 
2. Interscholastic basketball is open to sixth through eighth grade students only. Fifth grade students may participate in an instructional program, described below. 
3. Spring tennis is a select team with a limited practice and match schedule. Students must have participated in either the fall or winter instructional program described below to be considered for interscholastic match play. 
In most circumstances, it is not possible for a student to participate in both theater and in athletics during the same season.
The seasons

Fall September 7th to late October
Cross country, field hockey, and soccer 
Instructional tennis may begin a few weeks into the season

Winter November 28th to late February or early March
Instructional tennis may begin a few weeks into the season

Spring March 27th to mid-May or late May
Lacrosse, track and field
Tennis may begin a few weeks into the season 
Note: Unless enrollment numbers allow for the formation of both a girls’ and boys’ team, athletics will be a co-ed experience. 
Commitment and general expectations

Parents and students should understand that team membership is a privilege and that students must be committed to their chosen program.
Attendance at all team meetings, practices, and games is expected unless a child is absent from school or has been excused in advance by his or her coach or the Director of Wellness and Athletics. To the greatest extent possible, we encourage student-athletes themselves to communicate directly with coaches and the Athletic Department. We want Gordon students to grow socially, emotionally, and physically through their athletic experience. Student-athletes are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude, strong work ethic, superior sportspersonship, self-control and responsibility.
Paperwork requirements

Students must submit the permission and liability release form found in this packet in order to participate. 
If your child is participating in cross-country or track and field, you must also submit a notarized “Assumption of Risk Form” that is downloadable from the athletics section of Gordon’s website, www.gordonschool.org/athletics. Carmen Garcia in Gordon’s Business Office is available to notarize.
A team and B team composition

Seventh and eighth grade students generally comprise the A teams, and fifth and sixth graders, the B teams. Alternative placement within programs may occur when it seems critical to providing a better social, emotional, and physical growth experience for a particular student and team. Due to smaller rosters in basketball, all eighth grade students are placed on the A team before sixth or seventh graders are considered.  
If a program is under- or over-enrolled for what we feel we can support and adjustments must be made, interested students and their families will be notified.
Fifth grade instructional basketball

Instructional basketball offers all fifth graders the opportunity to enjoy a limited practice and game schedule throughout the winter season. The program meets two days per week. Depending on gym availability, additional practices may be scheduled. There is no fee for this program. 
Fifth graders interested in both instructional basketball and instructional tennis should sign up for the fall tennis session and not the winter session due to potential scheduling conflicts.
Instructional tennis
Both the fall and winter instructional programs are comprised of eight one-hour sessions. Students are bused to Centre Courts in East Providence on pre-determined Friday afternoons and arrive back to Gordon at approximately 3:45. The fall session begins September 12th and concludes November 14th. The winter session begins December 5th and concludes on February 27th.
Fifth graders interested in both instructional basketball and instructional tennis should sign up for the fall tennis session and not the winter session due to potential scheduling conflicts.
Enrollment is limited to the first thirty students who sign up. Families will be notified by email if their child has been accepted or placed on a wait list.
A non-refundable $225 per season fee will be billed immediately to all accepted students. 
Practice times and game days for interscholastic sports
Fall and spring athletic practices run Monday through Thursday from 3:30-5:00pm unless otherwise indicated on the athletic section of the Gordon website. Basketball practices run Monday through Friday with varying times. Generally, basketball practices run from 3:15-4:30pm or 4:15-5:30pm. 
Games are scheduled Monday through Thursday. With the exception of tournament play for A level teams and state meets, there are no weekend commitments.
More information, announcements, and athletics schedules
Up-to-date information, including game and weekly practice schedules, directions, and estimated return times to Gordon’s campus from away games is available on the school’s website, www.gordonschoool.org/athletics. This website is the official resource for all athletics announcements and information. In the event of cancellation or postponement due to inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances, changes will be announced on the website by 1:00pm.

Looking forward to a successful, fun, and competitive year in athletics. GO GATORS!
Kristen Fraza, Athletics Director
401.434.3833 x165, kfraza@gordonschool.org
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